Hi all

I’ve been reading your posts, and participating (a wee bit) in some conversations, and get the sense that you might be a bit anxious about the tasks and work going on.

Can I suggest that you keep a sense of open playfulness with how you are working on these tasks. Just look and notice lightly. There’s no need to be worried, or to “have to” do anything. Just keep your spirit and sense of curiosity light and playful.

I’m going to say “playful” one more time here: Playful.


3 thoughts on “play”

  1. Hello everyone,

    I’m not able to join you this week because I’m here

    I’m therefore sending this video clip from a performance yesterday as my object

    and my texts are

    1. The explanation of the tarot card I drew during our group discussion on Friday
    2. A random extract from Don Quixote someone read in the meeting yesterday (explaining that the lady was the monastery & we were Don Quixote)

    1. Vier der Kelche (Four of Goblets) – Sehnsucht (longing)


    Eine Herbststimmung ist traurig, aber zugleich lieblich. Sie beschreibt die Moglichkeit, an einer situation to wachsen, die duster und unerfreulich scheint.

    Divinatorische Bedeutung: Finden Sie einen Augenblick des Friedens und der Hamonie. Handeln ist moglich und wird zu Wachstum fuhren.

    „Initial Difficulties“

    An Autumn meeting is sad, but lovely at the same time. It offers the opportunity to grow into a situation which seems gloomy and unhappy.
    Divinatory Meaning: Action is possible and will lead to a time of growth.

    Haindl Tarot, 2002, Econ Ullstein List Verlag, Munchen (my translation)

    2. Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Wordsworth Classics, 1993, p233

    „Rise, lady, I beseech you,“ cried he „I grant you the boon which your singular beauty demands .“

    „Sir,“ said the lady, „the boon I have to beg of your magnanimous valour, is that you will be pleased to go with me instantly whither I shall conduct you, and promise me not to engage in any other adventure, till you have revenged me on a traitor who usurps my kingdom, contrary to all laws both human and divine.“

    „I grant you all this, lady,“ quoth Don Quixote; „and therefore from this moment shake off all desponding thoughts that sit heavy upon your mind, and study to revive your drooping hopes; for by the assistance of Heaven, and my strenuous arm, you shall see yourself restored to your kingdom, and seated on the throne of your ancestors, in spite of all the traitors that dare oppose your right. Let us then hasten our performance; delay always breeds danger; and to protract a great design is often to ruin it.“

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