bridging with choreography

I wonder – for those of you immersed in choreography – how you might start to connect your work in this module with your choreographic work in other instances. How might practice-as-research inform your making in other arenas? How might it help you situate your practice(s)? What are the questions that you are grappling with in the module and how might you make these questions related to choreographic concerns?

For example, I am still writing these love letters as a practice. It doesn’t really relate to my ongoing choreographic work at all but how might I turn my attention to it in such a way that it breathes life into the choreographic? I might consider the nature of relational work. I could think of it in terms of tracing process. I could think of it in how I am only ever approaching understanding. I could try it in relation to processes of building/making through repetition and reformulation (or translation). etc.

It’s about adopting a kind of light and playful relationship with the ideas and then considering how this might help transform my understanding of a) how I understand the practice itself, and b) how it might matter to me in my development as a choreographer.

This module is concerned with “a”, but “b” is perhaps a fringe benefit.

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