Dance Practice as Research (DAN020L402A) is an MA level module that introduces students to practice-as-research as a collection of tools for exploring ideas through dance and performance practices, and in relation to philosophical and experiential concerns for the body, archives, and knowing.

The module interrogates the nature and parameters of research from the point of view of the dance practitioner, in creative practice and/or performance. It takes as read that performance can take many guises, but assumes also that research is essentially questioning, subversive and at the forefront of its disciplinary/interdisciplinary area. It seeks to tease out the nature of dance knowledge; the broader context of research set against more specific institutional, artistic or subject arenas; and examines the various models of research as practice that are currently under debate as well as seeking to open up new ones. Above all, it seeks to explore the notion that dance performance and creation are specific modes of doing and thinking and to pose the question of how we define research in the practical domain.

  • Module leader: Simon Ellis (simon dot ellis at roehampton dot ac dot uk, x3209, 077 5795 2468, Michaelis 012)
  • Module tutors: Emilyn Claid and Simon Ellis
  • Time and venue: Mondays 09:00 – 11:00 Lawrence 008 (La.008) OR Michaelis Studio (Mi.131)
  • Module Blog: https://dancepracticeasresearch2015.wordpress.com/

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