responding to Carolyn’s comment

Carolyn asks this:

Possibly because I missed the session I find myself at a loss with regard to this week’s task – my practice? a version of? a potted practice? or aspect? or way of looking, a summing up…….. Am I producing an object through which others will know my practice?


I think the last question here Carolyn is useful. I would rephrase it as: “I am producing an object by/through/via which others might develop understandings of my project”

It might be a version, a summary, a translation, the off-cuts; it might be a particular part of your practice/project or its whole.

Does this help at all?

a question about writing

From one of you:

What do you mean by writing critically about our practice in a paragraph? Should we cover sets of questions, concerns or ideas? And by practice, are you referring to choreographic practice only? Or should we write a historical timeline of past and present conceptual engagements?

And my response:

By your ‘practice’ I mean what you are doing as part of DPaR (either continued from before the module, or something you’ve begun just this week). “Critical” would mean to reflect on it, to articulate things that ‘came up’ for you, or that seemed important. To perhaps discuss what you might do differently, or what you’d like to do next, or what opens up as a result of the work.

There are no hard and fast rules – just make a small effort to do some writing about your practice – just brief brief writing. In a way then the critical thinking/reflection can become part of your practice (if it wasn’t already).

Also, I’ve updated this page to indicate that you should email me the writing in the body of an email: