Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this module will have:

  • Developed an awareness of recent debate within the field of practice as research

  • Acquired the skills with which to question the nature of research in relation to performance and creative practice

  • Demonstrated ability in the articulation and documentation of process towards the creation of choreography and performance

  • Developed their ability to embody ideas and research questions in performance and/or choreographic practice

Teaching and Learning Methods

The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials, online conversations and practical workshops.


  • The nature of dance knowledge: different kinds of knowledge; its performance/embodiment; ways in which ‘new knowledge’ is generated
  • The nature of research: its broad context; institutional and political context; arts context; dance specific context
  • Writing and performance (relationship)
  • The nature of dance practice and the role and nature of theorising practice – the interrogation of various ‘models’ of practice as research, such as those from performance studies to those of specific dance practitioners / researchers
  • Ways of documenting process – the role of writing and forms of mediation in relation to doing, creating or reconstructing dance performance

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