thinking more on assumptions

Just read this in Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything:

Yale law professor Dan Kahan, the lead author on this study, attributes the tight correlation between “worldview” and acceptance of climate science to “cultural cognition,” the process by which all of us—regardless of political leanings—filter new information in ways that will protect our “preferred vision of the good society.”

– Klein, Naomi. 2014. This Changes Everything. New York: Simon and Schuster. p.72

Perhaps it’s a stretch to go from climate change to practice-as-research[1], but it seems relevant to recognise that assumptions (and cognitive biases) run deep. We want to “protect” our vision of the world and profoundly human processes like confirmation bias demand we adopt a skeptical and perhaps even vigilant stance to our expectations, hopes, interests, desires and work as practitioners and choreographers.

[1] And I certainly don’t intend to trivialise the seriousness of the climate change problem.