recipes as a way of writing

Recipes have a clearly defined structure that, once learned, allows you to very quickly create the starting point for an idea. This means that you can immediately begin to write without grammar, structure or semantics getting in the way. An absolutely critical aspect that the majority of researchers into creativity and design agree on is the ability of the creative mind to act.

The idea in the mind is nothing until it is expressed in some way.

– Jones, Derek. 2014. “Why Recipes?.” In Bite, 8–13. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

communicating ideas

Just thinking about finding strategies for adopting different kinds of voices or ways of writing. I’m not sure about Jones’ use of the word knowledge in the context of DPaR, but his simple strategies might help you to either a) overcome your uncertainty about writing and/or b) challenge the assumptions you might be making about the language you use:

Communicate your own ideas in different ways.
You know a lot about your subject but when was the last time you saw it from someone else’s perspective? Write about your knowledge in a completely different way to see it afresh. For example, how would you explain your knowledge to :

  1. A 10-year-old child
  2. Someone who doesn’t have much time
  3. Someone who likes pictures
  4. Someone who despises creativity
  5. Someone who really doesn’t understand why researchers need to do so much thinking…

— Derek Jones (2014) ‘Prepare your mind’,  In Bite, 28–30. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.