plato and not learning anything new

From Alva Noë:

Plato articulated a variation on this same puzzle a couple of thousand years ago: You need to know what you’re looking for in order to tell when you’ve found it but, if you already know, then why go looking? The upshot, for Plato, is that you can’t learn anything new. Perhaps he would have been better off noticing that hearing, perceiving, learning, is always a matter of using what you know to make sense of what is on offer.

In practice-as-research the ‘what you know’ part comes from a deep and ongoing understanding of the nature of your practice(s).

standing under

We practice “standing-under”(support) before we “understand”. We learn to do and say, “let’s think again”, because we don’t know now, but we will have known by then.

– Bojana Cvejić