writing is but one way

My emphasis:

Writing is one way of actively interrogating an idea. By writing, the researcher is able to fully interrogate the idea and identify holes in the logic, as well as make connections between these new ideas and his or her prior knowledge and experience. It is clear that research is a very active, durational process. The researcher only comes to understand a particular concept or model through working with it, talking about it, and clarifying it for themselves or others. Research takes time, concentration, and persistence.

– Balaam, Madeline, Rosamund Davies, Martyn Dade-Robertson, and Mike Fraser. 2014. “It Usually Takes Three of Us, a Few Beers and a Lot of Imagination.” In Bite, 14–23. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, p.17

And this (same paper, but p.21)

Research is so often considered, discussed and designed for as though it is a logical, linear and objective experience, yet the interviews and narratives we have presented only serve to illustrate that it is (even within the ‘hard sciences’) messy, situated, emotional and subjective.