roles of documentation

A brief list of potential roles of documentation. Note that the list does not consider or question the appropriateness of the word documentation.

Roles of documentation

  • Evidence (related to dissemination)
  • To stimulate memory of the performance event (Phelan, 1993)
  • Pressure to develop reproducible forms
  • Interest in developing reproducible forms
  • New audiences
  • Economic benefit
  • Professional benefit
  • Continue and diversify creative processes
  • Increase cultural authority (Lycouris, 2000)
  • To foreground the disappearance of performance
  • To prevent performance disappearing (preservation)
  • To question the disappearance of performance
  • To acknowledge performance’s incompleteness (Lycouris, 2000)
  • To trace or map
  • Reflection
  • Understanding
  • Evocation