robert morris and expressing process

I’ve been talking with some of you about this complex question of how we articulate or express or make public the practice we are involved in. I liked this (highly reflexive) example:

He also made objects that literally express the processes of their making. In 1961, Morris built Box with the Sound of Its Own Making, a walnut box that contained a three-and-a-half-hour recording of the sawing and hammering sounds that occurred as he constructed the box.

– Larson, Kay. 2013. Where the Heart Beats. Penguin Paperbacks, p.395

He also made a work called Passageway (1961) in which a long wooden passage curved and narrowed gradually to closure. “Walk though it, you feel the compression; a body ‘doing what it’s doing’ soon reaches its limit” (Larson, p.395).

This seems to me to also be an example of practice that is able to articulate its own suchness (and I chose this example because of the compelling (corporeal) nature of the experience for the audience).


Image and other details:

You could also check out his work Column (1960) in which a simple column is made to fall (or act or move).