avoid being creative

Following on from my plea yesterday to be light-hearted and playful, here’s some writing by William Deresiewicz (I’m a fan and if you are interested, Excellent Sheep is a very fine read):

“Creativity” means design thinking, in the terms articulated by the writer Amy Whitaker, not art thinking: getting from A to a predetermined B, not engaging in an open-ended exploratory process in the course of which you discover the B.


If you are at all interested in the state of higher education in the (western) world this is an important read. And if you are not, then it’s important because it has implications for how you might allow yourselves to become artists in neoliberal times.

  • What might the “B” be?
  • What might this process look, feel and be like, and how might it change?

So, how might you not predetermine B and how might you (as Deborah Hay says) not let your creativity get in the way of practice?